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The serrated bar is a useful accessory for your various jobs. With its many teeth, it can easily remove your debris from the soil and roots. It allows you to work the soil easily, in your landscaping work and makes it possible to uproot roots, grasses and small shrubs. The profiled angle of its teeth gives it a better grasp and a deeper burial.

The serrated bar is sturdy and installs in seconds on your charger. It is designed to fit the original charger and installs quickly. The serrated bar has several hooks, several of which are in the center, allowing better fastening and reinforcement of the bar. Its many teeth are long and very wide, for a better robustness. It is made of high quality steel which gives it an unmatched robustness. The bar is designed with 1/4 and 3/8 inch thick steel. Bolt on bucket cutting edge.

The serrated bar is supplied with the necessary equipment for the installation.

With our serrated bar, you will be well equipped for your various jobs!

Be well equipped for any job, with our serrated bar like many satisfied customers

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